Friday, December 11, 2020

Here's How Many Radio Ads It Takes To Get Results

CUMULUS MEDIA | Westwood One and the Radio Advertising Bureau partnered to determine and set guidelines based on four campaign goals, ranging from a 34% reach to a 78% reach of a station’s audience, to answer the question, “How many ads should I run per week?”


The findings were released Thursday on the Westwood One blog along with best practices and recommendations for media planning. 
  • Perception: Agencies and AM/FM radio sellers align on the number of ads needed for light schedules but underestimate the numbers of ads needed for medium and heavy campaigns
  • Using reach and frequency data, calculating turnover, and understanding differences in AM/FM radio programming formats, the number of ads in the schedule can optimized for maximum impact
  • Media Monitors: Only a small fraction of American AM/FM radio schedules achieves heavy or medium reach levels while the vast majority of weekly radio station campaigns are very light
  • National Association of Broadcasters and Coleman Insights: Advertisers running heavy AM/FM radio schedules are twice as likely to report excellent results
  • Best practice: Campaigns with AM/FM radio ads in all days and dayparts generate stronger results
  • LeadsRx | iHeartMedia: As the number of daily AM/FM radio ads increases, auto dealer website traffic lift surges
  • Advertising is not “one size fits all”: Understanding the campaign goal is crucial to determining a correct AM/FM radio plan strategy and as important as the message itself

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