Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Infowars App Downloads Surge

The Infowars app is rising in the Apple store's rankings after a number of other major digital platforms cracked down on its content, The Hill is reporting.

The app has surged in popularity in recent days from the 47th to the 4th most popular Apple store news app in the United States. That position places Inforwars over CNN, Fox News and The New York Times's apps, according to app analytics site, App Annie.

In Google Play’s app store for Android, the Infowars app currently sits at the 11th spot for the most popular U.S. news app, up from its previous spot at 31st.

The app lets users access Infowars videos and articles as well as the Infowars store.

Apple and Google Play are still allowing users to download the app but a number of other platforms have booted Infowars and its founder Alex Jones, including YouTube and Facebook, citing content that violated their policies.

The crackdown has seen the app surge in popularity on platforms where its content is still accessible.

Apple has removed Alex Jones's podcasts from iTunes and its podcast app, but has not taken action against the Infowars app.

Meanwhile, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Tuesday explained the site’s decision not to suspend conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, breaking with several other top tech companies.

Dorsey also said in his tweet thread that it is the responsibility of journalists to “document, validate, and refute” the information that “accounts like Jones’” often spread.

“This is what serves the public conversation best,” he said.

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