Friday, August 10, 2018

Online Study of Radio Talent, Producers Set For Release

At the 30th Annual Morning Show Boot Camp Thursday in Chicago, Jacobs Media and Talentmasters released the findings of a comprehensive online study of on-air talent and producers.

The AQ (Air-talent Questionnaire. Respondents were asked a wide range of questions on their attitudes about the state of the radio industry, their careers, how they define their ever-changing job duties, and even if they have a “face for radio.”

The results of the AQ study will be unveiled on a webinar scheduled for Thursday, August 30th at 2pm est.

“The radio industry historically has done a great job researching its audience,” says Jacobs Media President Fred Jacobs. “However, no one has ever studied the attitudes of one of the industry’s most important assets, its air personalities. Stations have a lot riding on their talent, and it’s important management and ownership gain a deeper understanding of what makes them tick. And there are great insights for the personalities themselves.”

Don Anthony, host/creator of Morning Show Boot Camp/Talk Show Boot Camp and publisher of Jockline Daily notes, "Of all the 'firsts' we've debuted at Morning Show Boot over 30 years, AQ was easily one of our most anticipated sessions ever. Over 1,100 responses! That's nothing short of amazing."

There were 1,109 responses from commercial radio air personalities in North America, and 59 responses from program producers. AQ is a web survey and is not intended to reflect the attitudes of air personalities and on-air producers.

For more information about AQ, please contact: Fred Jacobs, Don Anthony,

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