Saturday, November 30, 2013

November 30 In Radio History

In 1924...the first photo facsimile was transmitted across the Atlantic by radio.

In 1929...Dick Clark, famous for "American Bandstand" on television and countless "countdown" shows on Radio, was born. He died April 18, 2012 at 82

In 1930...G. Gordon Liddy, Watergate felon and radio talk-show host, was born.

In 1956..."Shake, Rattle & Rock!," starring (Mike) "Touch" Connors, Lisa Gaye, Sterling Holloway and Margaret Dumont, opened in U.S. movie theaters. Reflecting a real-life parental concern at the time, the plot involved adults trying to ban rock 'n' roll music in their town because they thought the music promoted juvenile delinquency. The movie included performances by Fats Domino (I'm In Love Again, Honey Chile, Ain't It A Shame) and Big Joe Turner (Feelin' Happy, Lipstick Powder & Paint).

In 1959...In a Billboard magazine article, disc jockey Alan Freed said his career had gone "down the drain" due to the recent "payola" scandal. In their story, Billboard claimed the scandal "will substantially damage the careers of at least twenty-five DJs."

In 1966...the radio time signal, WWV, moved from Greenbelt, Maryland to Boulder, Colorado.

In 1982...After nearly eight months in production, Michael Jackson released the album "Thriller." Seven of the album's nine songs were issued as singles and all reached the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100.

1) Wanna Be Startin' Somethin [0:00 - 4:16]
2) Baby Be Mine [4:17 - 8:35]
3) The Girl Is Mine [8:37 - 10:47]
4) Thriller [12:21 - 18:15]
5) Beat It [18:16 - 22:32]
6) Billie Jean [22:35 - 27:28]
7) Human Nature [27:29 - 31:33]
8) P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing) [31:35 - 35:29]
9) The Lady In My Life [35:33 - 40:30]

In 1988...the Soviet Union stopped jamming Radio Liberty for the first time in 38 years.

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