Friday, November 29, 2013

LA Radio: Rumblings Surround The MIA Ricardo Sanchez

Ricardo Sanchez
Missing in action since Nov. 1 at KLAX 97.9FM, neither Spanish Broadcasting Systems (SBS) nor morning personality Ricardo Sánchez "The Baboon" have explained why.

From June to November, Nielsen Audio PPMs indicated "The Baboon” was the top-ranked morning show in Los Angeles, leaving behind other Hispanic colleagues and even 102.7 KIIS FM's Ryan Seacrest.

But without explanation, November 1 was the last day that Veracruz's voice was heard on the local KLAX La Raza Station and other major markets in the country like Chicago.

As to why. "At this moment I can not comment," a representative of SBS told La Opinion adding that an explanation may be coming "soon".

Thom Callahan, president of the Association of TV and Radio stations in southern California (SCBA), is not surprised by what is happening to note that the contract with SBS Sanchez is in his last weeks.

"The show is off the air and are in negotiations but really the only thing I know ... It is normal to happen when you are negotiating. There legal terms you have to agree and perhaps it is best to do so in a quiet way without a show and that kind of thing, "said Callahan.

However, local and reliable sources told La Opinion that SBS is investigating the veracity of the numbers positioned to hearing Collet as number one, on complaints of possible fraud.

Nielsen Audio, meanwhile, said through a spokeswoman said that "we do not provide specific details of any show."

Meanwhile, crosstown KROQ 106.7 FM morning personality Gene 'Bean' Baxter also is interested, commmenting on Sanchez in a Tweet: "Well, he did come out of nowhere to hit #1 a few months ago. I am certainly interested in how!"

Bean's morning show is currently ranked #2 in morning drive according to NielsenAudio.

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