Friday, November 29, 2013

Kids Don't Get To See Casey For Thanksgiving

Casey Kasem
Casey Kasem’s three kids from his first marriage didn’t get to see their father for Thanksgiving — despite a judge ordering lawyers to try to cook up a plan.

“We are all disappointed,” daughter Kerri Kasem told the NY Daily News Thursday.

The “American Top 40” host’s son and two eldest daughters haven’t seen or heard from the silver-tongued titan since the summer, when advanced Parkinson’s left him essentially bedridden.

Their estranged stepmom Jean Kasem, 59, recently said the kids could visit the 81-year-old at separate times for one hour each every third Sunday and on holidays.

Last week, a Los Angeles judge ordered both sides to put aside their “bad blood” and do their “best” to hammer out a deal.

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