Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Larry King Is Not Happy With Talk Radio

Larry King
Larry King is lamenting the current state of talk radio, a format that dominated the earlier years of his broadcasting career.

According to Politico, King told podcast host Marc Maron that he was “the beginning of talk radio” thanks to his national show on the Mutual Broadcasting System beginning in 1978, but added that he’s not a fan of what it’s become.

“It became a soap box,” said King. “Screaming, yelling idiots. A lot of what I hear is pop nonsense, political crazies.” 

King said “the Limbaughs and those guys are just playing with a loose deck. And a lot of it is an act.”

Although King says it drives him “nuts” when someone curses on the air, he has come to appreciate Howard Stern.

“Earlier, I didn’t buy a lot of that act, but now I understand he’s matured,” King said. “He’s a very good broadcaster.”

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