Thursday, October 25, 2012

TWC’s Cantore: Storm Cuts Vacation Short

East Coast "Doomed"

Jim Cantore, known as the King of Hurricanes on The Weather Channel, reports that his vacation in North Georgia has been interrupted and cut short by Hurricane Sandy, which hit Jamaica  with pounding winds and a deluge of rain. Then, on Wednesday, Cantore revealed his upcoming travel plans to cover the Sandy’s possible impact on the United States.

According to an story, On Tuesday, Jim tweeted, “Too much uncertainty surrounding #Sandy impacts to the northeast. The entire east coast will feel at least some impact.” On Wednesday, Cantore posted, “Eventual inland impacts will be defined as confidence grows with east coast landfall area.” He posted three hours later, “Both EURO and GDS models bring sub-960mb Low into the northeast between Atlantic City and southern Maine early next week.”

So, now that Sandy has brought an early and unexpected end to Jim Cantore’s vacation, where is he headed in the US to cover the hurricane’s potential impacts? According to Twitter, Jim and his Weather Channel cohorts are headed to the Carolinas on Saturday, Virginia and Maryland on Sunday, New Jersey/New York or eastern Pennsylvania on Monday, and then on to New England and eastern New York, if the GFS track is correct.

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