Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trump Claims 'Big Announcement' About President Obama

UPDATE 10/24/12 5pm : Donald Trump's "big announcement” is here, and he is offering $5 million to a charity of Obama's choice if he releases his college transcripts and passport.

UPDATE 7P 10/23:  According to London’s Daily Mail,  Donald Trump is to claim that he has unearthed divorce papers of Michelle Obama and the President, according to a respected financial pundit with links to the tycoon.

It is alleged that the eccentric real estate mogul will claim that the documents show the First Lady and the President were at one point in their two decades of marriage seriously considering splitting up.

Earlier Posting...

Donald Trump is trying to involve himself in the presidential election again, saying yesterday (October 22nd) that he has a, quote, "big announcement" that he’ll be making about President Obama.

 In a phone interview with Fox News Channel's Fox and Friends Monday, the real estate mogul and reality TV celebrity said, "I have something very, very big concerning the president of the United States. I will be announcing it sometime probably Wednesday and it's going to be very big."

 He said he'd likely make the announcement on Twitter.

When asked by show co-host Gretchen Carlson if it would change the election, Trump said, "Possibly. It's very big -- bigger than anybody would know."

Trump had also promised a, quote, "big surprise" at the Republican National Convention, which was canceled because Hurricane Isaac forced the GOP to shorten the four-day event. The surprise was to have been a video showing the Celebrity Apprentice host firing an Obama impersonator. Trump drew political attention early this year when he suggested for weeks that he might run for president and became a champion of the birther conspiracy, the repeatedly debunked claim that Obama wasn't born in the U.S.

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