Friday, October 26, 2012

President Does It On The Radio

UPDATE 10/26/12 5PM:  Listen to WPHT's Michael Smerconish iinterview President Obama at The White House earlier today.  CLICK HERE.

Earlier Posting...

President Obama is off the campaign trail today, but will try to reach voters through their radios -- and MTV.

Obama has a total of ten interviews today, his campaign said; it did not identify all of them, but said seven would be done with media from battleground states.

The president will speak with Philadelphia radio host Michael Smerconish, as well as April Ryan of Urban Radio Networks.

There's also a 5 p.m., ET, session late this afternoon with Sway Calloway of MTV, the music television network.


BUSINESS WEEK/AP:  Campaigns deploy radio ads to gin up base voters, Click Here.

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