Thursday, October 25, 2012

Obama, Romney Interviews to Air During 'MNF' Halftime

If you've been enjoying an escape to football during the homestretch of the presidential campaign to get away from all the politics saturating the airwaves, don't look now, but your refuge may soon be infiltrated.

The Sports Business Journal reports that, although it's not absolutely certain yet, it looks like separate brief interviews with President Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will air during halftime of Monday Night Football on November 5th, the night before Election Day.

ESPN's Chris Berman would be the one interviewing the candidates, and his questions would likely be softballs or related to sports or both. This actually did happen four years ago, when separate three-minute interviews with then-Senator Obama and his Republican opponent, Senator John McCain, aired during halftime of the Monday Night Football game the night before the election. The questions from Berman then included what they'd change about sports if they could and if they could choose one sporting event to attend each year, what would it be.

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