Monday, October 22, 2012

Syracuse: Morning Duo Cross The Street
C&D Delays Ex-95X Talent From KROCK Start

Fans who followed Hunter Scott and Josh Grosvent from 95X (WAQX) to KROCK (WKRL/WKRH/WKLL) expected to hear the pair sign-on at 6am Friday.  But, according to,  they said their debut was delayed by approximately 90 minutes, thanks to a threat of legal action from their former employer.

It was approximately 7:30am by the time Scott and Grosvent took to the air, explaining they received a cease and desist order from Cumulus Media, the owner of WAQX.  The pair had been hosting “The Show” there for two years, until they resigned after their shift on Tuesday morning.  For those first 90 minutes, they were discussing the matter with Ed Levine, President and CEO of Syracuse-based Galaxy Communications, KROCK’s parent company.

According to the co-hosts, the C&D from Cumulus alleges Scott and Grosvent violated a clause in their contract, which says they must negotiate in good faith with Cumulus before they speak to any competing broadcasters.  But, the pair said their contract expired at the end of August.  Since then, the co-hosts said multiple requests to discuss a new contract with Cumulus went unanswered.

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