Thursday, February 18, 2021

B-Dub Radio Adds Six Summit Media Stations To Roster

B-Dub Radio, through its syndication partner, Skyview Networks, announces the addition of six SummitMedia stations to its growing roster of affiliates. 

\The program recently expanded from a Saturday night-only show to weeknights in new a version that offers program directors the ability to choose their own music lineup. With the SummitMedia station additions, the B-Dub party can be heard in Birmingham, Alabama on WZZK-FM; Knoxville, Tennessee on WCYQ-FM; Louisville, Kentucky on WQNU-FM; Springfield, Missouri on KTTS-FM; Richmond, Virginia on WKHK-FM; and Wichita, Kansas on KFDI-FM.

“We are excited to have B-Dub Radio on six nights a week on all SummitMedia country stations nationally,” said Randy Chase, Executive Vice President of Programming for SummitMedia. “He brings unparalleled energy and incredible content night after night.”

Host, Bryan “B-Dub” Washington, added, “We are thrilled to partner with SummitMedia and join this family of amazing heritage country stations. We strive to provide a truly customized sound, and A-level content in each market the show airs. The added flexibility of stations programming their own music allows for B-Dub Radio to deliver customized content in near real time, no matter the daypart. If a Program Director is looking for a content-driven afternoon show or a “more music” morning show, we can easily fill that void.”

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