Monday, February 15, 2021

CRS 2021: Strategic Solutions To Explore Morning Show Expectations

Programmers put tremendous amounts of effort into knowing what listeners want in terms of music, but when PDs rate morning show content, moment-by-moment, they are not always in-synch with listeners.

That is one of the findings to be revealed next week in the “Dial and Error” session at CRS 2021. Strategic Solutions Research has tested actual content from a country radio morning show with listeners of the program. That same content has been rated by scores of program directors, as well, so we can compare how programmers perceive the content compared to listeners of the show.

“The results may shock some people. There are moments when the PDs’ rating of the content is quite different from the actual listeners of the show,” says Hal Rood, Partner at Strategic Solutions, “But we will talk about how we learn from that along with some reasons for that disparity.”

Hal will share a “Four Core Ways to Improve Content” that is based upon the results of thousands of pieces of morning content analyzed over the years by Hal and the team at Strategic Solutions.

CRS 2021 will be streamed. This session will happen Friday, February 19 at Noon Eastern and available on-demand. Register here:

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