Friday, February 19, 2021

IBA Partners With Feeding America For “Radio Cares – Feeding America”

The Independent Broadcasters Association (IBA) and Feeding America® have announced the dates for the second annual “Radio Cares – Feeding America” to raise money for individuals and families that are facing hunger in America. The 2021 event will be held on April 14 and produced by Benztown, with assistance from McVay Media and the team at Vipology. Early major sponsors of this year event include GenMedia Partners and Sun Broadcast Group.

The Radio Cares team is designing the event with all the tools necessary for participating stations to begin pre-promotion for two weeks, beginning March 31, and to hold the day-long event on April 14. Support of the campaign will continue through Sunday April 18 to give every radio listener time to donate. In addition, Radio Cares will have the support of over 100 artists representing every format.

“The Radio Cares drive this year promises to be an event every independent station will want to participate in,” said Ron Stone, Chief Executive Officer of Adams Radio Group and President of the IBA. “Who would have imagined that 14 months after we first heard the word COVID, we would still be dealing with it. So many people have lost so much and for many the end is nowhere in sight. Every family deserves to have sufficient resources for food for their family and no one should be going hungry in America.”

“As a result of the pandemic, more and more American families are facing hunger and relying on their local food banks,” said Casey Marsh, Chief Development Officer at Feeding America. “Partnerships with organizations like the Independent Broadcasters Association help provide critical support through nourishing food to our neighbors facing tough times.”

Radio Cares 2020 was supported by 3,400 radio stations and provided 5 million meals* for people facing hunger. Based on those incredible first-year results, the team at Radio Cares decided this would be an annual event. Early indications are that 2021 will surpass that number.

Dave Denes, President of Benztown noted, “Independent owners of radio stations of every format came together in 2020 to speak with one voice for a cause that all of us embrace -- eliminating hunger!”

All materials needed for the event, including on-air, websites, and social media, will be provided by the Radio Cares Team. Stations will direct listeners to their individual station web site to donate. The donations will go directly to Feeding America and there will be, like last year, an ongoing accounting of total donations. Feeding America will provide resources, including local contacts for stations to interview.

Mike McVay, President of McVay Media, noted, “With stations back to operating in studios, the Radio Cares event will be substantially enhanced with live interviews in every market with people that provide help and people that have needed it.”

At the end of the event, local independent radio will all be able to promote the total amount raised by sharing with listeners and advertisers the power of local radio. Stations are welcome to include local sponsors to support the event.

“This is our chance to show that radio, specifically independent radio, is very much alive and well and doing what we have always done best, serving our communities,” Stone concluded.

Every independent radio station in America is encouraged to participate and support this nationwide event. Owners and operators must register their station(s) at:

All materials will be available for download at that same web address a week prior to the event.
There will be educational conference calls starting March 15. All registered stations will receive invitations.

100% of the money raised goes to Feeding America and 100% will be used across the country in local communities where needed. These will be unrestricted funds for Feeding America to help fight hunger in America.

Can I tie in a local client?

Sure...totally your call. It is possible we may secure a national client. 100% of any sponsorship money secured nationally will also go to Feeding America.
What if I have already or recently helped my local food shelf?

That should not keep you away from this event. This is a huge opportunity for independent local radio to work together across the nation. This is the benefit of scale we have been talking about.

*$1 helps to provide at least ten meals secured by Feeding America® on behalf of local member food banks.

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