Monday, December 3, 2012

WHTC DJ's Anti-Muslim Blog Post Removed

A Holland, Michigan (southwest of Grand Rapids)  radio personality’s blog post that’s being called offensive and "repugnant" has been removed from the Internet.

Red Kingman reports Friday morning, WHTC’s Red Kingman posted a series of one-liners about Muslims on his “Off the top with Red Kingman” blog.

The post starts off with “This is straight forward country thinking..." and leads into what it characterizes as a Jeff Foxworthy routine on Muslims.

However, the Internet meme is not associated with the comedian known for his redneck jokes, said Foxworthy's attorney Samuel Fox.

Fox called the statements "repugnant."

"He doesn't have those views whether in public or in private," Fox said of his client. "We strongly condemn that type of thinking, that type of sterotyping and narrow thinking."

By mid-afternoon, the post had been removed from WHTC's website.

“That post has been removed. That’s my only comment on that,” said Brent Allen, WHTC brand manager, whose purview includes the website and on-air programming.

Kingman, who hosts WHTC’s morning show, linked to the blog post on his professional Facebook page. Both his blog and Facebook page have been scrubbed of the post.

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