Thursday, December 6, 2012

Farber At ACC12: Be Proud We’re In Radio

At Wednesday’s first day of the Arbitron 2012 Client Conference in Annapolis, MD, some 200 radio programmers heard RAB President/XCEO Erica Farber urge us to purge the word “terrestrial”.  Instead, she says advertisers are using the word “audio” to describe radio and streaming.

“Try to eliminate that word” when talking about the medium to a potential advertiser, she said. “We should be proud we’re in radio.”

Farber notesv a conference just last week where “four heads of the largest media buying companies in the world were all on one stage, and I thought it was stunning – they don’t even have ‘radio’ departments any more. They have ‘audio departments.’” She reports that it’s “a major shift,” with audio encompassing streaming and digital, plus broadcast radio.

Farber says “I’m not trying to be Polyanna…This is a great business, but it is not without challenges.” Nevertheless, “The way you touch people on an hourly, minute-by-minute basis”.

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Tom's Take:  Those left in radio should be proud. Problem: there's fewer of us in radio, due to debt and greedy sins of our so-called leaders.

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