Monday, December 3, 2012

Seattle Radio: The Mountain To Lose Marty Riemer

Long-time KMTT The Mountain 103.7 FM fixture Marty Riemer has announced via Facebook that he leaving the Seattles classic rock station.
My Farewell by Marty Riemer 
Fifteen years in any job is a long time, but in radio years that's like 80. So I would like to announce here to you that after 80 years (really just 15) at The Mountain I have decided to move on. December 20th will be my last day on the air.  
When I signed with The Mountain 15 years ago, I was a fan of the radio station. I wanted to work here because it's always a dream for a DJ to be able to work at a station they listen to. I could never have imagined back then what a wonderful journey I was embarking on.  
It's been a tremendous run, I've met amazing people, and been introduced to some great artists. Mountain listeners are genuinely fun, smart, interesting and engaged people, and it has been my extreme pleasure to be a small part of your lives.  
But all things must end, and sometimes staying in one routine for too long makes you lazy. At least that's what I'm blaming my laziness on. 
So, I've decided to embark on a new adventure. You may say (especially if you're my wife... or my parents), "Hey, that sounds interesting, what exactly are you going to do now, Marty?" The answer is, I don't know for sure (sorry, honey), but I bet our paths will one day cross again.  
And besides, I'm not leaving until December 20th, which is like 2 years in radio time. So once again, thank you for all you've given me over the years!
This time Marty is leaving on his own terms.

Marty & The Mountain were synonymous for years when he held down the station’s morning show.  However, The Mountain let him go in 2009.  Eventually, the station recognized the errors of their way and rehired Riemer for PM Drive in 2010. 

When he was let go, Riemer didn’t trash his former employer, instead he started a podcast out of the basement of his West Seattle home after attending a Jerry Del Calliano digital seminar.

The podcast featured the same electic, high-caliber mix of guests he booked on this morning show.  The podcast continues on a weekly basis now.

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