Thursday, December 6, 2012

ACC Day2: What The Connected Car Means for Radio

The car dashboard is a key target for the auto industry as it moves toward selling more “connected cars,” vehicles that use cellular technology to offer consumers a wide variety of in-car entertainment and information options.

Valerie Shuman, Vice President of Industry Programs for the Connected Vehicle Trade Association, discussed the technology at Abitron’s Client Conference Day 2.  She talked about the technology that is currently available in cars and what to expect down the road.

She explained the industry’s motivation for the focus on connected cars, provide a timeline to illustrate when the majority of autos will be connected, and most importantly, addressed what this is likely to mean for the radio industry.

A Ford exec interviewed in a #ACC12 presentation said local content is the key for radio to compete with new media now available in-car.  

Media specialist Steve Allen tweeted, isn’t ‘content’ more than music?

Consultant Holland Cooke took note of a Ford exec’s response when asked is AM/FM radio would always be available in the car.

The response: “Always is a long time."

Fred Jacobs, President of Jacobs Media, will continued the discussion about the digital dashboard and radio. He shared consumer research and interviews with auto makers to put the impact of connected cars into perspective for broadcasters.

Jacobs urged those in radio to buy, rent or test-drive a connected car. That way, you can really understand the experience radio listeners are having.

During a “Go Inside iHeart Radio” presentation, Clear Channel President of Digital Media, Brian Lakamp told attendees 50% of iHeart listening is now mobile.  He added most people have phone within seven feet 24/7.

Lubanski is General Manager at KXLY Radio Group. In Spokane, Washington

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