Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Don Imus Deal Ends With WABC

No Sign He’s Leaving

The betting in radio is that even though WABC morning host Don Imus’ five-year deal ended Monday, he’ll stay around, according to media write David Hinckley at

Imus acknowledged his five-year anniverary at WABC several times Monday, remarking at one point, “It seems a hundred years. … But it’s been a lot of fun.”

Otherwise, it felt like a routine day at the office for the Imus show, which is simulcast on Fox Business. He announced guests for the week and at the very least seemed in no hurry to leave.

In classic Imus fashion, he has made remarks over the years that could take him either way.

He has had respiratory issues and has talked about retiring to his ranch in New Mexico.

On the other hand, Imus is still syndicated on 80 radio stations, is on national TV three hours a day, and his show provides the main avenue for raising much of the $1.6 million it costs annually to run the ranch, where he hosts children with cancer.

Several persons who have worked with Imus over the years said yesterday they can’t imagine him giving up something he’s done for more than four decades in New York.

“[His wife] Deidre would never let him,” joked one former colleague. “Can you imagine having him around the house all day with nothing to do?”

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