Friday, December 7, 2012

Report: Radio Today 2012 Released

Country Format Again Most Listened To

More than 90 years after its introduction as a commercial medium, radio has been heralded for its remarkable, enduring reach reports Arbitron.

Arbitron Clients can download the entire report. Click Here.

The report’s executive summary notes to this day, about  93% of consumers aged 12 years and older listen to the radio each week. Radio is unique in its ability to reach people wherever they are: at home, at work, in the car—nearly everywhere. Regardless of one’s age, the time of day, or the listening location, Americans depend on radio as a reliable media companion.

Radio Today 2012 is an in-depth snapshot of radio listening nationwide and the 23 most popular radio formats. Radio Today combines Scarborough consumer profiles with Arbitron audience data to develop a comprehensive profile of radio listening across America, based on the Fall 2011 Diary and October-November-December 2011 PPM® survey periods.

About 93% of the U.S. population listened to radio during an average week, according to the Fall 2011 Arbitron survey (September 15, 2011-December 7, 2011). This widespread reach has changed very little over the decades; radio remains a reliable entertainment and information source for listeners regardless of their age, gender, income, education, or location in the home or outside the home. Time spent listening to radio, compared to last year’s report, is relatively stable. In most listener demographic age and gender categories, and in most dayparts TSL changed at most one Quarter-Hour.

To read the report's Executive Summary, Click Here.

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