Monday, December 3, 2012

Radio Ratings: Chicago November 2012

The Arbitron ratings for the Chicago radio market for the November period -- which only covers one week of the actual month of November, but much of October (10/11/12-11/07/12) -- were released last week. ChicagoRadio & Media again has an excellent review of the Chicago ratings for the demographics of Persons 6+ (All Ages), Persons 25-54, and Persons 18-34, along with quick looks at some key stories.

Looking at the highly-desired demographic (by advertisers, and therefore station owners) of Persons ages 25-54, Larz writes….

In the overall numbers (Monday-Sunday 6:00am-Midnight), WOJO-FM/La Que Buena 105.1 was #1 for the October ratings period for the first time ever. It repeated as #1 again in this new November ratings period. In fact, WOJO-FM rose its market share to 5.3, up .4 from the previous month and .9 in a two month period.

Playing follow the leader is WTMX-FM, who remains at #2, this time with a 4.8 share. WVAZ-FM, which was tied at #2 last month, slips slightly to #3 with a 4.5 share. WDRV-FM/97.1 The Drive (simulcast on WWDV-FM) stayed even with a 4.4 share, good enough to become #4. Making a big leap upward was WGCI-FM, who moves back into the Top 5 with a 4.2 share, a .5 increase over the previous ratings period.

Here is how the top of the Persons ages 25-54 rankings looked for the November 2012 ratings period...

Monday-Sunday 6:00am-Midnight:

    1 WOJO-FM
    2 WTMX-FM
    3 WVAZ-FM
    4 WDRV-FM
    5 WGCI-FM
    6t WBBM-AM
    6t WKSC-FM
    8t WUSN-FM
    8t WBBM-FM
    10 WPPN-FM
    11 WLS-FM
    12 WSCR-AM
    13t WNUA-FM
    13t WLUP-FM
    15 WLIT-FM

In the overall numbers (Monday-Sunday 6:00am-Midnight) for the demographic of Women 25-54, the top stations saw a few changes in its rankings. WTMX-FM retains its familiar place as the #1 station, but this time with a mighty 6.7 share, a .4 increase. #2 is a tie between WVAZ-FM and WUSN-FM, both with a 5.1 share. WOJO-FM moves up to #4 with a share of 5.0, a .6 increase from last month and a 1.1 increase in two months. #5 is a tie between WPPN-FM and WKSC-FM, each with 4.9 share. The rest of the Top 10 for Women 25-54 is WBBM-FM & WLIT-FM (tie), WGCI-FM, and WLS-FM.

For Men 25-54 in the overall numbers (Monday-Sunday 6:00am-Midnight), WDRV-FM/WWDV-FM/The Drive is still on top, coming in at #1 with a 5.9 share, a .4 increase. WOJO-FM continues to surge upwards and is now all alone at #2, this time with a 5.6 share, a .2 share in one month and a .8 share increase in two months. WBBM-AM moves up to #3 with a .4 increase to a 5.0 share. WSCR-AM slips backward to #4 with a 4.9 share, a .5 decrease. Tied at #5 with a 4.2 share is WGCI-FM (which leapt up a full 1.0 share) and WLUP-FM, which continues to lose share. The rest of the Top 10 for Men 25-54 were: WVAZ-FM, WMVP-AM, and WBBM-FM & WKSC-FM (tie).

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