Monday, December 3, 2012

Opie Rips Howard Stern On Twitter

From Liz Brown,
Howard Stern has been around a long time, and he's still pissing people off as much as he did thirty years ago.
The latest evidence of Stern's inherent power of provocation came this week when his long time radio rival Greg "Opie" Hughes from "The Opie and Anthony Show" launched an all out Twitter war on the King of All Media without warning. 
Hughes, who is also employed by Sirius XM, posted a series of tweets blaming Howard Stern for ruining Sirius XM stock, tanking the ratings for "America's Got Talent" and screwing over his writing staff. 
Time to educate the idiots @HowardStern is the reason the stock has been sh*t for years. @HowardStern is the reason satellite never exploded 
Fact - @HowardStern hurt America's Got Talent and did not grow the audience. Rating were noticeably down. 
in closing-philosophy of the company pay @HowardStern most of programing budget and the subscribers will come. Fell well short of this goal 
and don't be stupid I don't fault @Howard for having a ridiculous contract. My point...IT DIDN'T COME CLOSE TO PAYING OFF FOR SIRIUS

Veteran NYC Radio Programmer, Media Critic John Mainelli, President of Mainelli Consulting,  chimed-in over the weekend via the NYR Message Board.

According to Mainelli:
  • It's true that Stern once went crying to Mel Karmazin and got Mel to forbid O&A from trashing Stern when they both worked for CBS/Infinity.
  • It's also true that I was told at WNEW-FM (long before so-called Free FM on WFNY/WXRK) that the morning drive show I was scouting must not threaten Stern in any way. (The show would have been a "stealth challenge" to fool Mel and Howie but it never aired because of the "St. Pat's" catastrophe.)
  • And it's also true that I have an axe to grind with Stern over his getting me fired from the New York Post following his bogus conflict-of-interest claim. Old ground well-trodden, but full disclosure.

Mainelli finished his posting with:  "Go Opie!"

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