Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Edison: Super Podcast Listeners Are Valuable Targets For Advertisers

Weekly podcast listeners who consume more than five hours of podcasts per week are the subject of the first-ever Super Listeners study from PodcastOne and Edison Research.

These podcasting “Super Listeners,” podcasting’s heaviest listeners, have emerged as valuable targets for advertisers and trusted allies for podcast sponsors according to this groundbreaking study.
  • Seventy percent of Super Listeners say they have considered a new product or service as a result of hearing an ad on a podcast.
  • More than half (57%) of Super Listeners consume more than 8 hours per week of podcast content, which means their potential exposure to podcast advertising is high relative to the rest of the podcast audience.

The topline findings from the study were debuted last week at the IAB Podcast Upfront in New York, and complete findings were presented in a live, online presentation earlier today by PodcastOne CEO Peter Morris and Edison Research SVP Tom Webster.

According to Edison Research Senior Vice President, Tom Webster, “We were very eager to look at the heaviest users of podcasting as a kind of “early warning system” for the efficacy of podcasting advertisement, since they will have had more exposure to podcast advertising than anyone. What we found was that not only don’t they mind podcast ads—they actually have a very positive effect, which is even more remarkable when you consider that Super Listeners are otherwise engaging in active ad avoidance behavior.”

“As the industry leader, we wanted to provide this first of its kind study to deliver meaningful details on the habits of podcasting’s most loyal consumers. We believe this will be a great benefit to the industry as a whole,” said PodcastOne CEO, Peter Morris. “Edison is the recognized authority for research in podcasting. We’re proud to be the first podcast company to work with them, beginning when PodcastOne was founded in 2012, and continue to do so to ensure our advertising partners receive the best audience insights and analysis to maximize their campaign goals.”

  • Despite the fact that 50% of Super Listeners are actively trying to limit their exposure to commercials across all video and audio platforms, 44% agree that they pay more attention to advertising on podcasts than other media, and 37% say podcasts are the best way for an advertiser to reach them.
  • Six in ten Super Listeners appreciate podcast advertisers for supporting their favorite podcasts, and 44% say they think more positively about companies that advertise on the podcasts they regularly listen to.
  • Super Listeners identify podcasts as the mainstream medium least likely to have too many ads; however, nearly half (49%) indicate that they have noticed an increase in podcast advertising over the last year. Thirty-five percent of Super Listeners perceive that advertising breaks in podcasts have gotten longer; 59% believe that they have not changed. Thus, the industry must be cognizant to maintain the premium element of these ads.
This industry-wide study showcases the power of podcasting’s most active consumers, including how they react to advertising, the role ads play in their listening experience, and what the industry must be cautious about in maximizing advertising impact. The presentation is now available for download and the webinar is available for viewing.

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