Tuesday, September 3, 2019

GAB Radio Network Unveils Smart Talk Line-Up

Envision Networks and The GAB Radio Network recently shared their weekend lineup for the Smart Talk Radio Network, a new 24/7 talk format.

Today’s announcement is the release of the full weekday schedule to now offer 7 days of original programming. Smart Talk Radio combines Gab Networks’ current talk show favorites with existing Envision Networks® programs covering business, finances, sports, home improvement, food, pets and autos.

Weekdays are home to Small Business Advocate, Straight Talk Money, Wanna Bet?!, The Hard Question with Blanquita Collum, Jared Dillian Financial Show, The Sports Circus, The Wolfman Jack Radio Show and Today’s Comedy.

As a new infotainment format with NO political talk, Smart Talk Radio delivers a variety of information and entertainment programming that fits any talk format.

“The idea of Smart Talk Radio Network was born from the notion of good, healthy, intelligent conversation and information sharing,” said GAB CEO Chuck Duncan. “Smart Talk Radio Network presents a forum for discussion, info and entertainment covering myriad life topics to create a very complete arena of fun, healthy, interesting and entertaining radio.”

To see the Smart Talk Radio lineup and schedule, visit envisionnetworks.com or click here.
Phone smarttalk@envisionnetworks.com or 216.831.3761.

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