Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Survey Finds Many Millenials Think FM Radio Is ‘Cool’

Based on 303 online interviews conducted last week with 13-34 respondents, Millennials don’t hate FM radio.  The vast majority either love it or like it, while a scant 1% hate FM, according to a survey from Mark Kassof & Co.

Teens are the least enthusiastic about FM…21%  ”neither like nor dislike it,” while only 10% of 18-34′s do. Even so, they aren’t any more negative than older Millennials…only 3% of teens dislike FM, only 1% hate it. Females are more positive than males – 45% of them love FM, while 29% of males do .

So that’s how Millennials feel about FM radio.  But what do they think about it?

Kassof looked at FM’s image two ways.  First the survey asked respondents: What is the very first thing that pops into your mind when you think of FM radio? The #1 response was a specific FM station (19%), #2 was “music.” Nothing very enlightening, except perhaps that only 3% volunteer that FM is “old” or “out-of-date.” The perception of FM as “old tech” isn’t top-of-mind with many Millennials.

Next, Kassof gave respondents a list of 38 words or phrases and asked them to check all the ones they think describe FM radio.  Kassof finds the results impressively positive.  At the top of the list, a majority find FM “entertaining,”  But the next-highest are more encouraging….42% of Millennials(!)  consider FM “cool,” 35% recognize its “local-ness.”

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