Thursday, November 21, 2013

Woman Knocked-Out By His Rear-End Sues Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield
80s rock star Rick Springfield has taken the stand this week in a lawsuit by a woman who says he injured her during a concert in 2004, according to

Springfield, known for the 1981 hit “Jessie’s Girl”, was performing at the State Fair’s Chevy Court in 2004 when he allegedly slipped and hit a woman, causing her injuries. The woman, 43-year-old Vicki Calcagno of Liverpool, filed a civil suit in 2007 seeking damages as a result of the incident.

On the stand, Calcagno said Springfield stood on her folding chair at the concert and she has no memory of what happened for 10-30 minutes after the singer's rear end hit her head. One of the exhibits entered into evidence was a close up photo of Springfield's rear end that Calcagno says she took just moments before she was knocked out. On cross examination, Calcagno admitted she did not report any injuries to anyone at the state fair that night or for two days afterwards. She said she continued to take pictures of the concert after she regained consciousness.

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