Tuesday, November 19, 2013

FCC Sets Date For AM Auction

While it considers ways to “revitalize” AM radio, the FCC has set a May 6, 2014 date for a closed auction to resolve who will win 22 new AMs up for grabs.

According to InsideRadio, what’s been  designated Auction 84 will resolve a group of pending mutually exclusive applications that grew out of a 2003 window for new  AMs.

The signals up for grabs include a new station at AM 1500 licensed to Culver City, CA that pits Royce International Broadcasting against Levine/Schwab Partnership. The FCC has set a minimum $25,000 bid for that signal, the most of any up for grabs. It wants at least $10,000 for four other AMs in the Norfolk (720) and Las Vegas (1540, 620) markets.

The auction for the Colorado Springs signal is particularly noteworthy since it has seven competing bidders compared to  just two in most other cities. It’s also sought after by some groups that would locate the signal in the Las Vegas market.

The FCC also says that just outside New York is1700 AM in suburban Rockland County, NY, where four groups are vying  for the construction permit. Among all the bidders taking part in Auction 84, none are the big radio groups.

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