Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Chicago Radio: Steve & Johnnie Set For Holiday Fill-In At WGN

Johnnie & Steve
The overnight duo of Steve King and Johnnie Putman will be making their return to the WGN 720 AM airwaves in December, doing four days of fill-in shows during Christmas week. They won't be heard in their familiar overnight hours, however. Instead, the husband and wife team will be taking over the morning show hours of 5:00am-9:00am.

This will be the first time back on the air for Steve & Johnnie since their exit from the station back in December 2011.

Speaking to CRM from their second home in Florida, King and Putman expressed their happiness at being asked back to WGN-AM.

With Steve Cochran out on a pre-planned vacation during the week of Christmas, Steve & Johnnie will take over his morning show on Monday the 23rd, Tuesday the 24th, Thursday the 26th, and Friday the 27th. Wednesday the 25th is Christmas Day and the station will be airing special, pre-recorded, holiday-themed programming throughout much of the day.

Steve & Johnnie are happy that they will also be able to work out of the station's famed showcase studio, with windows facing Michigan Avenue and Pioneer Court.

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