Friday, November 22, 2013

Mistrial Declared In Rick Springfield Concert Trial

Rick Springfield
A NY Supreme Court Justice has declared a mistrial in the injury lawsuit against Rick Springfield.

The surprise decision came after a new witnesses came forward supporting the accusations against the 1980s pop icon.

Vicki Calcagno, 43, of Liverpool, had been the only one to testify that Springfield struck her with his buttocks while performing in the crowd during a 2004 concert. She claims the incident left her disoriented or unconscious for at least 10 minutes, but her lawyer told jurors it was probably less. In any event, Springfield's actions caused Calcagno serious and lasting injuries, she claimed.

Springfield testified that he did not remember injuring anyone during the concert.

According to, at least three more potential witnesses cam forward this week.

Based on the new witnesses, Springfield's lawyer, John Pfeifer, asked for a mistrial to give him time to interview the new witnesses.

Paris agreed to the mistrial and gave the lawyers 90 days to investigate the new claims.

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