Thursday, November 21, 2013

SiriusXM Explores ‘JFK..50 Years Later’

SiriusXM is paying tribute to President John F. Kennedy and the 50th anniversary of his assassination with the launch of "JFK: 50 Years Later," a special weekend-long pop-up channel featuring exclusive programming drawn from SiriusXM's multiple talk channels.

"JFK: 50 Years Later" debuts at 6:00 am ET on Friday, November 22 and will air through 6:00 am ET on Monday, November 25 on SiriusXM channel 108. The special channel will feature programming drawn from an array of programming airing this week across multiple SiriusXM channels to mark the anniversary of Kennedy's death. "JFK: 50 Years Later" will feature interviews with guests including Oliver Stone, Dan Rather, Chris Matthews, Sarah Palin and Dick Gregory; special broadcasts of two events from Washington, D.C.'s Newseum: "Inside Media: Covering the Kennedy Assassination" featuring journalist Sid Davis and "Eyewitness to History," hosted by CNN's Jake Tapper and featuring former Secret Service agent Clint Hill and Bob Schieffer.

In addition, a variety of SiriusXM hosts including Martha Stewart, Bob Edwards, Dr. Laura, Joe Madison, Cousin Brucie and Fran Tarkenton will share their personal reflections from fifty years ago, the moment they heard the news on November 22, 1963. SiriusXM will also air a special edition of Andrew Wilkow's The Wilkow Majority, drawn from his JFK special airing on TheBlaze TV, in which he will share interviews conducted in Dallas with guests including former Dallas deputy sheriff Gene Boone and eyewitness James Tague, whose proximity to the president's motorcade was so close he was hit by bullet fragments.

Listeners nationwide are invited to call in throughout the week.

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