Friday, November 22, 2013

Columbia SC Radio: Cynthia Hardy Could Have Arrest Expunged

Cynthia Hardy
The attorney for a well-known Columbia radio and television personality entered a conditional discharge plea in court Thursday on her behalf, according to WIS-TV.

Conditions of the plea include having to take two random urine drug tests that test negative, said Todd Rutherford, Cynthia Hardy's attorney.

Hardy was charged with possession of marijuana after Richland County Sheriff's deputies say they found marijuana in her purse as it was searched upon her entry into the South Carolina State Fair in October.

Hardy said the marijuana came from teenagers at an activity she attended.

"As I have previously stated, I retrieved the marijuana after a weekend of activity with several young people who are very dear to me," she said. "I tossed it in my bag with the intent to speak to them about it. Instead I got busy, forgot about it, and neglected to properly dispose of it."

A magistrate accepted the conditional discharge and ordered Hardy to take two drug tests--one in December and another in March.  If Hardy tests negative in both, she can pay a $150 fine and apply to have her record expunged.

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