Monday, November 18, 2013

LI Radio: WRCN Airing Holiday Music Before Flipping

Long Island’s 40+ years heritage mainstream rock station WRCN 103.9 FM in Riverhead, NY  made a surprise move Friday.  The station flipped to holiday music at 5 pm and announced intentions to launch a N/T format as  ‘LI Newsradio 103.9’ starting December 26, a day not known as much of a news day.

JVC President/CEO John Caracciolo said in announcing the move in the station newsletter, "Long Islanders are starving for local news and information" and that the station will be a "sounding board for issues that influence your community and your life."

103.9 FM 60dBu Coverage
"WRCN has a long history and heritage on Long Island; many of us have grown up with the station and it has become an intricate part of our lives. But as our lives change, so does our soundtrack. What we listened to growing up is not necessarily what we listen to now, and what was important to us as teenagers maybe doesn't seem so important anymore. That's why we made the decision to change WRCN and develop and program a radio station that fits the needs of Long Island."

JVC was founded in 2008. In June, it added five Florida radio stations to the four it owns on Long Island. The LI FM stations are WPTY Party 105.3, WBON La Fiesta 98.5, WRCN 103.9 and WJVC My Country 96.1. Much of the broadcasting for the FM outlets in Florida is done on Long Island.

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  1. I think a news station is a dumb idea, but I guess we'll see. I also think that the Christmas music should be played through the holidays and end on the day after New Year's Day. Many people are having holiday parties Christmas week and would be looking for a station to play holiday music.