Thursday, November 21, 2013

Listeners To Rate Super Bowl Radio Commercials

Westwood One is launching WestwoodOne's Super Bowl Audio Index, the first-ever consumer-driven index ranking the most creative audio commercials aired during Super Bowl XLVIII.

The index will be comprised of all commercials aired on the 700+ radio stations which broadcast WestwoodOne’s exclusive, play-by-play coverage of Super Bowl XLVIII.

Each of the commercials will be available for consumer voting through on February 2, 2014. Two awards will be announced across WestwoodOne’s on-air and online broadcast network.
  • Listener’s Choice: selected by consumers through an online voting process that can also be leveraged by marketers through social media, and activated through SoundHound to create even more engaging experiences for listeners.
  • Media Choice: selected by an advisory council comprised of leading advertising, media and creative executives across multiple consumer categories. 
“For brands wanting to engage a captive audience with the largest reach, there is no comparison to the Super Bowl,” said Paul Caine, CEO of WestwoodOne. “We created the Index as a new way for all brands to leverage the power of sound and capitalize on this massive advertising moment. The index enables marketers to engage more intimately with 26 million+ listeners, expanding their campaigns and maximizing their marketing dollars.”

WestwoodOne’s coverage of the Super Bowl is broadcast across terrestrial radio, on SiriusXM Satellite Radio,, NFL Mobile from Verizon subscribers, in the stadium during the game, and on the American Forces Radio Network. 

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