Friday, August 14, 2020

Media Monitors Releases Podcast Listener Survey Results

The Media Monitors Podcast Listener survey was fielded between June 15th and 26th, 2020.

Participants aged 18+ were screened on whether they had listened to a podcast in the last 7 days, then asked to list the podcast titles. Participants were encouraged to consult their podcast app of choice during the survey. These unassisted responses were then individually matched back to unique RSS feeds which were polled to collect information about genre and publisher.

Q2 saw further consolidation in the podcast space as Spotify purchased exclusive rights to The Joe Rogan Experience (#1) and SiriusXM closed a deal to buy Midroll/Stitcher/Earwolf, the company behind Office Ladies (#14). This move gives SiriusXM some level of access to Midroll’s represented shows, including titles like My Favorite Murder (signed with Midroll in December 2019), but it is unclear how that relationship will evolve moving forward.

In another more recent acquisition, The New York Times has purchased Serial Productions, the company behind Serial (#8) and This American Life (#5). Although the exact terms of the deal are unclear (including a reported “’creative and strategic’ partnership with ‘This American Life’”), The New York Times has clearly moved to increase their footprint in upper echelon of podcasting.

Two of NPR’s daily news programs have broken into the Top 25. Up First sits at #12 alongside the new Consider This from NPR at #22 (the Consider This… RSS feed was recently rebranded away from Coronavirus Daily). Both represent challenges to The Daily’s dominance in the Daily News category.

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