Friday, August 14, 2020

Canton Radio: After 28-Years, Kaleigh Kriss OUT At WHBC

Kayleigh Kriss
Kayleigh Kriss learned this month that she wouldn’t be returning to WHBC Mix 94.1 FM , where she’d been an air personality since 1997.

About Kriss being let go from the station, Larry Gawthrop, market manager for Alpha Media Canton, said in a statement, “While the effects of COVID-19 created some tough decisions for us, one thing is for certain: Kayleigh Kriss will forever be part of the legacy of WHBC FM. For 28 years she endured multiple owners, managers and musical directions, and played just about every song ever recorded. Kayleigh is a true professional and I have no doubt her career will continue to be a success no matter which side of the mic she’s on.”

“I am so grateful and lucky to have the career I’ve had so far,” Kriss said last Friday. “To be at the same radio station for 28 years, not many people can say that.”

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