Monday, August 10, 2020

Media Buzz: Media Called Emotional Moving Tantrum

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld joined colleague Howard Kurtz on MediaBuzz Sunday and slammed the “hair on fire” media coverage of the Trump presidency, reports Mediaite.

Kurtz brought up President Donald Trump’s recent comments about how Joe Biden is against God and asked Gutfeld, “Are the media on Biden’s side on this one?”

Gutfeld mocked the media “hand-wringing” over this and said, “The media can mock Catholicism, any kind of Christianity, but if somebody they don’t like does it, all of a sudden it sacrilegious.”

“Joe Biden had criticized Trump… on religion and him being maybe phony and not being able to hold the Bible, so it’s just fair game,” he added.

Regarding media criticism of the president’s handling of the coronavirus crisis, Gutfeld said people shouldn’t be listening to the “armchair quarterbacking”:

“What you call armchair quarterbacking, a lot of people would call journalistic scrutiny,” Kurtz remarked.

“Not me,” Gutfeld said.

“When your hair is on fire for four years, no one’s listening to you,” he added at one point. “The greatest thing that Trump did was he exposed what the media’s really like, that they’re an emotional moving tantrum and when things don’t go their way, they come after you.”

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