Friday, November 20, 2020

Jacobs Media’s Techsurvey 2021 Launches in January

Jacobs Media has announced that registration is open for commercial radio stations to participate in Techsurvey 2021.

Earlier this year, the 2020 survey was fielded in January and February (pre-COVID) with more than 500 participating radio stations across North America. Fourteen different formats were represented among a diverse group of broadcasting companies, yielding 46,000 respondents to radio’s largest web survey devoted to media and technology.

Techsurvey 2021, perhaps the most important survey in the annual series that started in 2005, will examine the pandemic’s impact on everything – radio listening, acquisition of gadgets like smart speakers, and overall changes in lifestyle, locations, and habits. The information gleaned from this study of core radio listeners will help guide programmers and managers as they focus their efforts and resources on what is truly important to their listeners as COVID continues to impact all of our lives.

Jacobs Media President Fred Jacobs noted, “We were fortunate to have fielded our Techsurvey 2020 study just prior to the pandemic hitting earlier this year. While TS2020 revealed compelling data at the national and local levels on the ever-changing digital media environment, we’ll be looking closely at this year’s study to explore the pandemic’s impact on core radio listeners’ lifestyle and habits, including accelerated usage of smart speakers, voice technology, and podcasting. We’re expecting a great turnout for Techsurvey 2021.”

This new study will field beginning in early January. Stations have until Tuesday, December 22nd to sign up: 

Techsurvey 2021 will continue to trend penetration of myriad gadgets and media use, in addition to learning more about how life and lifestyles have changed. This will include virtual video platforms like Zoom, the amazing rise of TikTok, Spotify’s push into podcasts, the surge in gaming, and other changes that have accelerated during the pandemic.

Stations can participate in two different ways:

No fee – This allows participation in a stakeholders webinar in mid-March to review the results, along with receiving national data.

A small fee based on market size – Stakeholder stations receive all the national data, participation in the stakeholders webinar, as well as an in-depth look at their unique audience, their format’s audience, including their station’s “Media Usage Pyramid” and “Brand Platform Pyramid.” Prices are being lowered this year by $50 for all stakeholder stations in deference to the economic impact of the pandemic. Volume discounts are available.

Broadcasters can sign up online at and/or contact Elnora Lowe at Jacobs Media for more information: 248-353-9030 or

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