Monday, November 16, 2020

Free Personality Webinar To Explore 5 Stages of Growth

Benztown, a global leader in radio imaging, voiceover, programming and jingles, P1 Media Group, providing research, strategies and consulting to radio stations worldwide, and Global Radio Ideas Facebook Group. Global Radio Ideas is a part of the Coronavirus Radio Ideas Facebook Group will host a free webinar for radio professionals

The webinar, entitled “The Radio Personality Success Path – Five Stages of Growth”, will take place Thursday andis the seventh in the companies’ “Global Radio Ideas” webinar series from top radio consultants, as radio stations around the world program through the COVID-19 recovery.

The 30-minute webinar will be hosted by Andreas Sannemann, CEO, Benztown, and Ken Benson, Partner, P1 Media Group, and will feature special guest, Tracy Johnson, President/CEO of Tracy Johnson Media Group.

One of the world's most respected programmers, managers and talent coaches, Tracy Johnson has built his career investing in personality radio. He has programmed great radio stations, leading two stations in San Diego, CA, USA, from “worst to first”, earned dozens of radio industry awards and been named “Best Programmer In America” by Radio Ink magazine. In addition to his long career in programming, Tracy managed a group of stations for 10 years and has worked with hundreds of media brands to develop digital content, promotion and revenue strategies.

The webinar will cover topics including:

  • The 5 stages of growth for success as a radio personality
  • Enhancing the listener experience with imaging
  • Promoting your morning show
  • Christmas programming ideas.
To registers for the free webinardThursday, November 19, 2020, at 10:00am PST/1:00pm EST/7:00pm CET, visit:

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