Thursday, November 19, 2020

Media Staffing Network, IBA Partner to Help Out-of-Work Radio Pros

Media Staffing Network (MSN), specialists in recruitment and placement for media, has partnered with the Independent Broadcasters Association (IBA) as part of the recently announced IBA Rapid Response Opportunity for out-of-work professionals in the radio industry. The partnership with MSN gives jobseekers in radio access to valuable tools that will help them improve their story with more effective resumes and job search skills that can help them land more quickly. MSN plans to host informative webinars on how to research and target new opportunities, stand out in the hiring process, and conduct and navigate a search in a remote world.

“With many broadcasters needing to downsize because of the impact COVID has had on the economy, there are many radio professionals looking for work,” stated Ron Stone, President and Executive Director of the IBA. “Media Staffing Network’s expertise in the media business, especially radio, will be an asset to those seeking employment, as well as to those looking to hire. We’re very pleased that they are sharing their insights and knowledge as we work together to keep radio strong and help radio talent get through a very difficult situation.”

Last week, IBA announced a ”Talent Available” section on its website, where out-of-work radio professionals can post their resume, and radio companies looking to hire can peruse the database at no charge to fill open positions.

Laurie Kahn, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Media Staffing Network noted, "When I saw the IBA announcement, I knew we had the right resources to help people get back to work, and I had to help. We’re always working to create solutions for radio operators struggling to hire and having access to those who are looking for employment can fill a lot of unique needs."

MSN has been vocal over the years about not discounting workers over 50 or who are unemployed. "There is a lot of great talent out there that can bring value to operators,” continued Kahn. “Interestingly, COVID has opened up minds to how effectively work can be done from a home office or studio."

Media companies in need of or interested in hiring or in any of Media Staffing Networks’ recruitment training programs, may contact Laurie Kahn at, (480) 306-8930. For more information on the Independent Broadcasters Association, please visit the website at

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