Thursday, November 14, 2013

SBS To Launch Hispanic Radio Networks

With more advertisers tuning into the growing U.S. Hispanic market, Hispanic and mainstream media companies are bolstering Spanish- and English-language content offerings for Hispanic audiences, according to MediaDaily News.

In the latest such move, Spanish Broadcasting System has launched Aire Radio Networks to create and distribute Spanish-language radio programming nationwide.

The five new networks, featuring shows addressing events, health, family, finances, education, sports, and entertainment, will reach a total of around 12 million listeners, or a quarter of the U.S. Hispanic population, in 30 media markets, including nine out of the top 10, around the country every week.

The Aire Networks include the “Advantage Network,” targeting Hispanic men; the “Young Adult Network,” targeting Hispanics 18-49; “The Millennial Network,” targeting Hispanics 18-34; “Prime Family,” targeting families on weekends; and “The Mandril Network,” aggregating the audiences for the popular “El Vacil√≥n del Mandril” talk show, featuring Ricardo "El Mandril" Sanchez out of KLAX-FM 97.9 “La Raza” in Los Angeles.

In addition to syndicating content, SBS will also provide promotional tie-ins, experiential marketing, and online and mobile platforms. The Aire Networks are set to debut January 1.

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