Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Atlanta Radio: WYAY’s ‘The Kimmer’ Suffers Heart Attack

Kim Peterson
This past Sunday afternoon, just six days after Kim "the Kimmer" Peterson started his new show on All News WYAY 106.7 FM, he said he felt a "gripping pain" in his chest and broke into sweats while driving. He pulled over, rested, then continued home.

According to Rodney Ho at, despite continued discomfort, the 63-year-old Marine vet worked yesterday on Veteran's Day. But the pain didn't totally go away.

So he finally decided to check into the North Fulton Hospital in Alpharetta Tuesday morning and discovered he had what doctors termed a "serious heart attack."

Doctors are still doing tests and will find out by today how serious the blockage may be.

His producer and sidekick Pete Davis covered for him today from noon to 3 p.m. The Kimmer said he will likely be off for at least a couple more days. His former producer Wayne "No Offense" Kitchens, now a Delta mechanic, will come in and help out while he's out.

The Kimmer hosted a popular talk show on N/T WGST 640 AM from 1992 until  2006 and had been in retirement until last week.

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