Tuesday, November 12, 2013

D/FW Radio: Shannon Murphy Doctors 'Pleased' With Surgery

Shannon Murphy
Shannon Murphy of the popular radio show "Kidd Kraddick in the Morning" is out of surgery Monday after an operation to remove a brain tumor.

Known to radio show listeners as Psycho Shannon, is recognized for her humor, which she expressed right before her surgery.

“She was cracking jokes with the nurses, had all of the operating room staff laughing,” said Co-host Kellie Rasberry.

Rasberry has been with Murphy's family at the hospital, and says doctors were able to remove about 99 percent of her brain tumor.

“They were expecting it to take six hours," Rasberry said. "She was in there about four."

Murphy originally went to a doctor after experiencing bad headaches, upset stomach and numbness on her left side. After several tests, her doctor called during the show's annual fundraiser Kidd's Kids Day to tell her she had a mass on her brain. The tumor was benign, but she needed surgery.

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