Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday Aircheck: Gary Owens On KMPC 710 AM In 1970

Gary Owens joined the staff of KMPC in Los Angeles in 1962 where he remained for the next two decades working the 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. shift, Monday through Friday.

A gifted punster, Owens became known for his surrealistic humor. Among his trademarks were daily appearances by The Story Lady (played by Joan Gerber), the Rumor of the Day, myriad varieties of "The Nurney Song," and the introduction of the nonsense word "insegrevious", which was briefly included in the Funk and Wagnalls Dictionary.

His regular on-air radio terms included "krenellemuffin," as in, "We'll be back in just a krenellemuffin." Gary always credited his radio engineer at the end of his broadcast: "I'd like to thank my engineer, Bob Jones, for creebling at the turntables." He also created the heretofore non-existent colors "veister" and "krelb".

In 2004, Owens co-wrote with celebrity biographer and entertainment historian Jeff Lenburg an insightful and entertaining book on how to break into and succeed in the voice business, titled "How to Make a Million Dollars With Your Voice (Or Lose Your Tonsils Trying)," for McGraw-Hill.

Most recently, Owens has become the promotional announcing voice for Antenna TV, a cable channel dedicated to classic shows of the past, like The Monkees, Adam-12, and Gidget.

Today,  KMPC is ESPN Sports KSPN Radio.

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