Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WKMK Contacts FCC Over NJ 'Interference'


Via station's website, WKMK informed 'loyal listeners' they were making 'progress' with the FCC on interference it's 106.3 was experiencing from a mid-town Manahttan translator.

According to the station, the interference was occurring in NJ, Staten Island, Long Island, Brooklyn and Queens. According to the website update:

The FCC has been most helpful in trying to resolve this issue and in an effort to isolate what areas are still affected, they have now requested more “targeted” information as to “exactly where” the affected areas remain. We are particularly interested to see if you are experiencing listening problems in Lower Manhattan, Mid Town Manhattan, Essex County NJ, Hudson County NJ, Union County NJ.
Additionally, we are also interested if any other areas still remain affected and thus with that said, we would like ANYONE STILL EXPERIENCING INTERFERENCE to respond to this request and fill out the information on it's website.
Below is the 60dBu Coverage Contour for the translator W293BU:


106.3 FM WKMK in Eatontown, NJ says it has contacted the FCC about listener reported interference from a translot currently carrying audio programmed by Clear Channel.  CC is using a moved-in 100-watt translator at 106.3 FM in mid-Manahattan. Reportedly, CC has a deal to simulcast an HD-2channel and for the past week or so has been rotating a format from its iHeartRadio programming.

The Press-owned WKMK is also taking it case to it listeners, posting the following on its website:

To our Loyal Thunder 106 Listeners! We are aware that many of our listeners in the Counties of Middlesex, Somerset, Hunterdon, Morris, Passaic, Sussex, Union, Bergen, Essex, Hudson as well as Staten Island, Brooklyn, Long Island and Lower Manhattan are experiencing interference with our Thunder 106.3 signal.

We have become aware that a New York radio station is sending out a signal that is on the same106.3 FM frequency. We have already contacted the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) about the interference and are making every attempt to have the interference stopped immediately. In the meantime we could use your help.

Please fill out the form below and provide your information to us. By doing so we will be able to advise the FCC on how and where this interference is affecting YOU, our LOYAL LISTENER.


  1. Given that Thunder is a Monmouth/Ocean station, if the signal is uninterrupted in those markets...isn't this a losing battle? Just because it's got interference in the northern counties of NJ and boroughs of NYC, wouldn't that mean nothing in this contesting since the signal in Monmouth/Ocean is uniterrupted?

  2. I'd be curious to know if Thunder has advertisers in the affected areas. If businesses don't see any value in the station providing "service" beyond its primary coverage area, why should the FCC care either?

  3. The answer is yes, including a weekly broadcast from the Colorado Cafe in Watchung, NJ. Thunder has many listeners in the northern Nj counties and surrounding NYC counties.

  4. Bring back FM 106-3 or G-Rock. You screwed us dont have the local community in mind. I hope no one can hear the country crap you are playing.

  5. Country 106.3 provides music that the multicultural NYC can't.

  6. I'm from Vineland Nj please do not take Thunder 106 Country music away from this area