Tuesday, May 10, 2011

TX Radio Personality Steve Gehrlein Passes

Popular San Antonio car expert and radio personality Steve Gehrlein has passed away, according to a story by Jasck Dennis at examiner.com.

Gerhlein, the owner of Cambridge Auto Center on Fredericksburg Road in San Antonio, was known for his friendly personality and sense of humor.

Gehrlein, 62, hosted “The Automotive Show” on weekends at KTSA Radio and was listened by tens of thousands of South Texans.

Author of “Save $$$ on Car Repairs,” Gehrlein offered trustworthy tips to consumers he helped avoid overspending or being ripped off from mechanic scams.

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals and 150th District Court has even recognized him as an expert, with Gehrlein testifying in over 250 court cases involving automobile claims.

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  1. We'll definitely miss you Steve... but as the song goes... we'll see you in "just a little while".... My brother in heaven loves motorcycles... so take him "under wing" my friend!

    God bless!!

    Tim and Linda

  2. I worked with Steve at KTSA, I was the newsman that Steve accused (good naturedly)as owning a pink Vespa. I worked with Steve about 10 years as the Sunday Afternoon Newsman on his afternoon Auto Show. Steve was a great friend. I got a "kick" out of working with him. He was an expert in automotive repairs, with a wonderful sense of humor. San Antonio radio has lost a good guy! I am indeed saddened by his death. My sincere condolences to his family. Tom England

  3. Arriving in San Antonio in late 94' I spoke with Steve "off the air" after his radio show was over. I knew then this was a guy who knew what he was talking about when it came to vehicles. I have been an avid follower since. I am certainly sad to hear of his passing this morning. May God bless his family as they grieve the loss of our South Texas treasure! Barry Allison

  4. This was such a shock that will sadden many. I would always hear Steve's show on Saturday mornings on my car radio when going to and from errands. Although I know nothing about car repairs, I was always struck by the knowledge he conveyed whenever any topic was called in. Listeners could always tell that he was a man of integrity and not ashamed to mention God's name or make reference to spiritual matters. Even if you could not understand whatever auto mechanic problem was being discussed, listeners were always entertained by the amusing banter going on. He will definitely be missed.

  5. Steve was as good as a friend and neighbor as he was mechanic. He will be deeply missed by all of us who were lucky enough to know him. There are no words to describe the sadness felt for his wife and family during this difficult time.....you are loved and we are here for you.

    Your Judson friends

  6. What a shock.....prayers going up for his family.


  7. Steve had a tremendous amount of automotive knowledge which he shared with many people. Unfortunately for him, he will be remembered for peppering his broadcasts with anti-Obama and anti-liberal propaganda, which was inappropriate for an auto show. But that's OK, I get the final word.

    1. I just came across this site and saw the reporting that Steve passed. I knew of his passing at the time but wanted to comment. When I got my first car in SA Steve's shop was just across the highway from my apt on IH 35, His dad would drive me back to my apt, and the hourly rate at the time was $32.00, to this youngster it seemed outrageous at the time,

      Steve was a genius about cars, trucks and anything that a motor. His jolly nature and wisdom was incredible. I know nothing about repairing a car and have no desire to fix one, That's why there is Cambridge Automotive, Several years hence I still take my cars to Cambridge, and miss his banter especially about the nutty left side of the political spectrum that is tearing America down. Miss your humor buddy!

  8. R.I.P. ole boy. down with uncle sugar!!!!!

  9. R.I.P. Steve. Down with Uncle Sugar!

  10. my weekends will never be the same.god bless you steve

  11. Was tuning in the show today and heard the news--listened to Steve for over a decade and took my cars to his shop--feel like I've lost a friend.
    Vaya con Dios Steve.

  12. Steve gave so much to so many and took so little. He WILL be missed. As for the political comments....so sad that a liberal would use the death of such a fine man to put forth what they consider to be negative comments by Steve. The show was his, and his alone. Another shot at free expression.

  13. I looked forward to the weekend so I could tinker with my car and listen to the Automotive Show, it never ceased to amaze me at the knowledge Mr. Gehrlein had and his great political comments, there go my weekends.

  14. God Bless Steve's family, what an unspeakable loss, Heaven is celebrating his being there for sure. I never missed his show and called a few times, he was on the mark every time, I cried when I heard the announcement, my saturday mail route will never be the same. My heartfelt condolences to Steves family, he was a GREAT man and will surely be missed by many.

  15. Always enjoyed listening to this fine automotive expert. He is/was just
    il-replaceable. He was a true people's person and could convey very precisely
    to the listening audience exactly what he was taking about. Will always miss
    his weekend show.