Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Citadel Broadcasting Settles Righthaven Lawsuit

Even as its lawsuit model is under attack, Las Vegas copyright enforcer Righthaven LLC has reached additional settlements including one with high-profile defendant Citadel Broadcasting Co.

According to a story by Steven Green at, Righthaven disclosed in court papers last week it settled with Las Vegas-based Citadel and Citadel radio talk show host Matt Allen under undisclosed terms.

Citadel was sued Feb. 24 over allegations one its radio stations in Providence, R.I., had posted on its website without authorization a Denver Post TSA pat-down photo as part of a caption contest.

Righthaven is the copyright enforcer for the Denver Post and the Las Vegas Review-Journal that since March 2010 has filed 274 lawsuits against bloggers, message board posters and website operators.

Citadel and Allen settled without their attorney ever filing a response to the lawsuit or them commenting publicly on the allegations.

Righthaven happened to sue Citadel about the time it was working on a merger in which it’s being acquired for $2.5 billion.

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