Monday, May 9, 2011

'Golden-voiced' Ted Williams Heads Back To Rehab

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The homeless Ohio man who became a worldwide internet hit because of his golden voice was back in rehab Friday as he continued his battle with drug and alcohol addiction, according to a story posted at

Ted Williams was due to return to the Origins Recovery Center on Texas' South Padre Island.

The center is the same place he retreated to in January as he faced his drug and alcohol demons after seeking advice from TV's Dr. Phil McGraw.

"I'm going back to get some real recovery and some rest," Williams said at Port Columbus International Airport as he was about to board a plane to Texas. "Dr. Phil's concerns and cares will not go in vain. I hope I can successfully complete this whole journey and come back and say, 'Hey Dr. Phil. I did it.'"

McGraw offered to pay for Williams' treatment at the facility after he appeared as a guest on the TV doctor's show. Williams took up the offer -- but left the center after just two weeks' treatment in January.

He said he was unsure if McGraw's offer was still on the table but added, "If I have to pay for it myself, that's what I'll do."

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Williams' manager tells E! News that his decision to head back to rehab is not due to a drug relapse. He claims the problems are all "emotional."

His manager Al Battle tells us that after a joint decision between Williams and himself, they've decided to send him back to Origins in Texas, to commit to a 90-day program.

"All of the shooting for his reality show has taken a serious toll on him," Battle said. "This is not a trip back to rehab because of a drug or alcohol relapse. It's all emotional. Ted is exhausted."

Battle added that getting Williams away from the spotlight for a while would be the "right start."

"It was more of an emotional thing. He just needed to get back to his psychologists," Battle said, adding that the program Williams is entering is "intensive" and that he will embrace the treatment this time around.

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