Thursday, April 21, 2011

Man Killed For Changing TV Channels

David M. Young
A homeless man who told police he became angry when a wheelchair-bound man kept changing the TV channels has been charged with first-degree murder for stabbing the man to death, Winter Haven, FL police said Wednesday.

According to a posting at, Martin Vasser, 54, was in his apartment and was knocked from his wheelchair and stabbed seven or eight times in the back, police said. Police said they think Vasser was killed sometime last week between Wednesday and Saturday.

During questioning by police, David Matthew Young said he had known Vasser for about three years. He told investigators he became "very agitated" by Vasser's television channel changing, an arrest report said.

Police said Young grabbed a knife from the countertop and pulled Vasser from his wheelchair.

"Young stated that once Vasser was on the ground, he grabbed him and stabbed him seven to eight times in the back," an arrest affidavit written by Detective Mark Zagar said.

Young told Vasser as he was killing him that he was doing him a favor, the report said.

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