Monday, April 18, 2011

Glenn Beck To Leave NYC

Plans To Take On Jon Stewart And Stephen Colbert

Talk show host Glenn Beck announced Saturday he has finally sold his Connecticut home and will be moving out of New York City in the near future, according to a story by Joe Brookes at

After a year of teasing on both his radio and television programs, Beck made the announcement during a live broadcast on from Albany, New York. Beck said leaving New York would be part of his post-Fox News life.

Other notes from the broadcast:
  • Glenn Beck: @theblaze is only the beginning of news and information that i will be providing for radio, television, and internet.
  • Glenn Beck: I’m about to build a research department that will utilize the idle brains that we have, retired CIA, military, phd’s
  • Glenn Beck: I’m going to make sure that Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart don’t occupy the space of comedy alone
  • Glenn Beck: What you are about to see in a few months is a new way to communicate with each other
  • Glenn says he going to build a way to deliver news directly to the youth of America.
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